Friday, November 24, 2006

Design of webquest lesson

Webquest ... … is it another one of those ICT assignments that we submitted for our ICT module? Well in a way, I would think they are similar especially for a non-IT savvy person like me.

The reading up of the topic of Rivers as well as coming up with the tasks that the students have to do is rather fun. I just realized that I have a sudden liking for physical geo topics now since most of my assignments re on physical geo topics. I didn’t use to like physical geo at all when I was in sec school.

We decided to do a case study on the Nile River and reading up on the Nile River was interesting. I learnt that the Nile is the world’s longest river. So basically the scenario was for the students to cruise down the Nile River and discover sights along the way. I then came chanced upon this video called the “Mystery of the Nile” and saw the trailer. The movie sure looked interesting but too bad I was not able to find the whole movie online. Think I’ll go check out the DVD shop when I’m done with all my assignments. Coming up the scenario and the whole flow of the webquest was relatively easy. The biggest hurdle of all was the doing up of the webquest. Due to unfamiliarity with the whole webquest thing, it took us a while before we got it done. Now tat it is done, it sure feels great as well as a sense of relief that it’s done.

Well, I feel that doing a webquest gave me the opportunity to learn some IT skills like how to host a website etc but seeing how time consuming it is, I foresee that I won’t be designing another one in future. If given a choice, I would rather do another fieldwork package. To me, I feel that going for a field trip is lots more fun and hands-on as compared to doing a webquest. It also allows for the opportunity to go out into the field instead of being an arm-chair geographer.

View webquest at the following link:


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